Project Execution Guidelines

Our project cycle begins with the award of the contract by the client to us, however there are some pre-award activities that are very important to the successful execution of the project. These include:

  • Visit to site(s) and survey of premises
  • Discussions with client with respect to the project
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Final Proposal Agreement


Project Initiation

  • Award of Contract
  • Information gathering from the client and other relevant sources of information where necessary
  • Opening of project file

Project Planning

  • Determination of project requirements based on survey report where already available or actual visit to location to conduct a survey. Where this is not possible estimates can be made based on well stated assumptions that are professionally drafted and accepted by the client.
  • Preparation of project budget in terms of material, manpower, logistic requirements and duration of work.
  • Assessment of possible risks and other challenges that may have a negative impact on the successful execution of the project.
  • Preparation of installation drawings and other project execution documents.

Project Execution

  • Assemble and procure equipment and material for the execution of the project as and when due.
  • Move to site and commence project execution.
  • Maintenance and updating of project records and drawings such as cabling plan, interconnections, assignments and configuration details, programming information, etc
  • Training of users and operators where required.
  • Handing over all relevant project documentation, drawings, instructions, equipment manual, etc. to client. (This handing over must be properly documented and signed for by client).
  • Handing over and commissioning of project.

Project Commissioning

  • Signing of Job Completion Certificate (JCC) by client’s authorized representative.

Maintenance Plan

  • Drawing up of effective and efficient after sales maintenance support plan
  • Signing of maintenance contract
  • Periodic execution of scheduled maintenance plan.

Every project has its designs, model and management perculiarities. Our approach to achieving successful execution of projects is hinged on a robust industry standard system.

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