Company Overview

By way of introduction, Dial 24/7 Security International Limited is a registered professional electronic security company in Nigeria with specialization in electronic security and telecommunication. Presently, we are in partnership with our local Security and law enforcement agencies in the area of electronic security surveillance and tracking.

We have proven and verifiable expertise in wireless telemetry. Therefore we propose solutions from an appreciable position of experiential expertise. Beyond our grasp of latest technological advancements, procedures and products, we have in-depth knowledge of security threats, trends, measures and counter-measures within our theatre of operations. Therefore we propose solutions for real-life situations and not text-book scenarios.

Our technical tie-ups represent the best in the industry. The pool of expertise of our partners from USA, UK, Europe Asia and the Middle East place us at the top of world-class equipment and service providers. Our clients will have access to all of these and more including classified security devices not available off-the-counter by reason of our relationship.

Dial 24/7 Security International Limited strives to be a one-stop Security Shop that is committed to a secure and peaceful environment. We have churned out unparalleled brands and services, providing customized solutions, that bring even our competitors to us, and adding values to current and prospective clients.

Our range of services can be categorized into three segments as follows:

Advisory Implementation Operation
Consulting Procurement and Supplies Ongoing Support
Site Survey Installation and Commissioning Service and Maintenance
Threat Assessment Project management Facility Management
Risk Analysis Preparation of Security Policies and Operations Manual Security Review
Specification Training Procedures
Systems Design
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