Access Control

Accessibility control of human and vehicular traffic can be controlled, managed and monitored with various security solutions available in today’s technologically advanced world.

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Security Scanning System

Security Scanning System has various applications that target the identification, discovery and classification of all forms of banned substances, materials and even explosive devices.

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Remote CCTV Surveillance

With the benefit of previous experience, Dial 24/7 has come to realize that security is not just about gadgets and gizmo. It’s not about procuring, providing and selling security equipment, and teaching our clients how to use them.

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Security Training

Dial 24/7 Security International Limited in-house professionals in partnership with their foreign counterparts engages in various levels of training for specific industry needs to private individuals, government agencies, corporate bodies and multi-national oil and gas organizations.

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Home Security

This is a fully digitized service primarily targeted at securing properties and residencies from external aggression and intruders. Key areas of coverage are the access entry and exit points, windows and perimeters.

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Safety Installations

In pursuit of our business objectives we always take into foremost cognizance our Health, Security, Safety and Environment (HSSE) responsibility to our stakeholders and third parties in accepting and implementing the policies and instructions of our client.

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Fleet Monitoring/Tracking

Fleet of cars or vessels conveying personnel or products and equipment from one location to the other is effectively monitored.

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VIP/Personnel Protection

Personnel and staff of blue-chip organizations are constantly vulnerable to attacks; kidnap and assassinations either at place of work, home or via transmit journeys from one point to the other.

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City-wide Surveillance

The challenge of the primary responsibility of every government in securing lives and properties is constantly increasing. How does a capital city prepare itself with the growing number of vehicles on the road?

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Perimeter Protection

The growing awareness of security systems globally has placed commensurate responsibility on security industry designers, manufactures and integrators to raise the standard for Perimeter Protection System.

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IESP System

The Integrated Electronic Security System is a platform target at keeping companies, government agencies and financial institutions safe from surprised attacks. 

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

In meeting up with the challenges associated with the core mission of facilitating the rapid, even and sustainable development of any region that is economically prosperous, socially stable, ecologically regenerative and politically peaceful…

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