City-wide Surveillance


City-Wide Surveillance

The challenge of the primary responsibility of every government in securing lives and properties is constantly increasing. How does a capital city prepare itself with the growing number of vehicles on the road? With each vehicle added, the pressure on the transport system goes up and so does the effort required for managing the activities of miscreants at large.

To guarantee this safety of the city, the state police department requires a system that can adequately monitor traffic activities of every major street and highway. This will ensure good traffic management and the security to the public. The increase in population and urbanization is largely responsible for the increase in car ownership. This solution is targeted at maintaining a free flow of traffic by keeping potential threats aside.

The surveillance at a city-wide scale will enable the authorities to monitor the outflow and inflow of vehicles as well as the movement at all important traffic junction within the city. Rather than ensuring that the authorities have their presence at every street and highway, this solution world over has been proven to be very cost effective and effective in giving real time report and statistics for efficient traffic management plan and polices.

Dial 24/7 through the use of high quality day and night long range CCTV cameras and long range wireless signal transmission equipment has established this service in some of some major cities and talks are still on going to extend to more.

All the video feeds and other related signals are sent realtime to the Command & Control Centre where Signal Monitors and Supervisors manage the information stream. The system helps the various public law enforcement agencies and traffic management authorities to harmoniously share and manage information from the CCC theater of operation.

The integration of the CCTV connected to Command and Control Centre has proven efficient and effective, allowing the city to run smoothly in a cost effective manner, having complete coverage of where it is established. The system helps to identify traffic offenders by using the live and recorded footages. The consciousness of being caught after breaking any public rule will drastically reduce crime significantly.

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