Fleet Monitoring/Tracking


Fleet Monitoring/Tracking

Through the use of tracking devices, fleet, heavy vehicles, vessels and materials can be monitored or managed. Fleet of cars or vessels conveying personnel or products and equipment from one location to the other is effectively monitored. Individual cars and trucks can be tracked by installed devices and can be shutdown at a snap in case of unassigned diversions or theft.

Our devices are used to track children, loved ones and staff of organization. The actual location of the users can be exactly detected and located in the event of any change in the known route. With the device, you will never have to worry about the whereabouts of your loved ones.

The Fleet tracking system can be managed with the use of our mobile monitoring platform or in-house standard monitoring workstation that clearly shows realtime location of any vehicle, truck or persons. In the event of any attack on the goods, persons or vehicles, the exact destination can be monitored and known for immediate deployment of rescue team. The vehicles can be demobilized at the exact instance of the hijack incidence.

Some of the advantages of this service are that you will never have to worry that your children, loved ones, vehicles or assets are out of your sights. You are excused from the burden of ensuring the security of your properties and loved ones. With our monitoring platform, we can ensure that nothing is missing, nothing is broken.

The key features of the system includes:

  • GSM/GPS based 24hour tracking of people and assets
  • Early warning signal of any untoward event
  • Instant reaction and event suppression by calculated informed action
  • Several warning capabilities
  • Incorporated Panic buttons available to summon help
  • Dual mode ensures greater accuracy
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Extremely surprised that such remarkable solution we’ve been sourcing for could come from an indigenous security and ICT company.

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