Remote CCTV Surveillance


Remote CCTV Surveillance System

With the benefit of previous experience, Dial 24/7 has come to realize that security is not just about gadgets and gizmo. It’s not about procuring, providing and selling security equipment, and teaching our clients how to use them.

Security requires an attitudinal overhaul. A complete behavioral paradigm shift assisted and optimized by the use of specialized equipment. It requires constant intelligence gathering, collation and actioning. Therefore, process conceptualization and asset application will need mutual consensus of operational changes that will reflect the changes of the times. Otherwise we will just be security equipment vendors, which will neither add value nor compliment your wholesome idea and desire to implement a critical facility and people protection program.

Our flagship design of Remote Surveillance System offers the current world class of personnel and infrastructure protection through the use of Digital CCTV surveillance cameras installation at strategic locations in the premises. These spots are as marked out on our design after the security assessment and survey earlier conducted on the client’s facilities. The system will seek to provide uninterrupted day and night coverage, monitoring, recording and archiving of video footages as captured by our various range of weatherproof, rugged and long lasting digital cameras.

The description ‘day and night’ of cameras refers to the capacity of the camera to relay high quality pictures with complete colour resolution of not less than 1024mega pixels per inch in the day and also relay intelligibly good quality pictures of high standard. The night vision capability of our cameras is made possible with the on board and attachment type of infra-red( IR) LED lights which makes it possible for it to capture high quality night vision images even in the thickest of darkness sometimes in B/W mode.

The innovative technological advancement in the field of digital security has evolved to the new status of state-of-the-art and has made security equipment installations less complicated though with outstanding outcome. There are no longer complexities in the installations.

The design and layout of our Command and Control Centre (CCC) is for the specific purpose of monitoring and management of video signals and dissemination of instructions as gathered from the intelligence information of the security equipment. The remote surveillance installation comes with integrated motion activated motion sensors which when triggered relays its messages to the camera. The result of this is that you can effectively monitor a number of cameras with ease. A camera which has its motion sensor triggered will immediately initiate commands to the network centre workstation for attention and recording of the event accordingly.

Remote Surveillance Solutions:
• Banks
• Ports
• House of Worship
• Shopping Malls
• Buildings and Event Centres
• Construction Sites

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