Safety Installations


Safety Installations

DIAL 24/7 SECURITY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a High Tech state-of-the-art, leading Security Company in Nigeria that offers overall professional answers to the security problems of individuals, Corporations, Physical, Electronic and Data protection solutions. Dial’s engineers, together with its Overseas Partners, are involved in survey and risk analysis, through master planning, costing, detailed project planning, implementation, supervision and maintenance.

In pursuit of our business objectives we always take into foremost cognizance our Health, Security, Safety and Environment (HSSE) responsibility to our stakeholders and third parties in accepting and implementing the policies and instructions of our client.

That in a nutshell, as part of our organisational policy has become our driving force in to offering industry-standard, acceptable and world class safety services. Our approach to excellent service delivery is predicated on the known fact that no two sites may have same safety concern. We therefore believe in offering tailor-made safety solutions that holistically answer every question such organisation may ask.

As part of our Advisory service to our clients, we will carry out detailed risk assessment and vulnerability test in your house, organisation, factory, etc which will inform the derived judgement that will eventually culminate in a safety installation contract or service. Whether it’s a company in its incubation stage or already in full blown operation, we can fit into whatever safety needs there are to meet.

Dial 24/7 has specific safety installation solution tailored to various homes and organizations operational designs. Basic residential apartment, public utility facility or high level human traffic facility like the oil and gas environment and public service.

We have moved from the basic provision of fixing fire extinguishers, alarms and other hazard mitigating and reporting equipment to the 21st century safety precautionary approach that acts proactively in preventing hazards before they even happen. A number of these are installed on our Solutions Integration Service Module (SISM).

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Extremely surprised that such remarkable solution we’ve been sourcing for could come from an indigenous security and ICT company.

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