Security Scanning System

Security Scanning System

Security Scanning System has various applications that target the identification, discovery and classification of all forms of banned substances, materials and even explosive devices. Due to the diverse tricks employed by criminals in concealing such materials, there are technological solutions that detect and classify all forms of IEDs, WMD and other dangerous items.

The Under-vehicle Scanning System fixture is designed to aid security and safety inspectors by providing high-intensity illumination of vehicle undercarriages. Features include outstanding durability, superior visibility, and low maintenance.

Its various security applications include: military bases, airports, maritime ports, border crossings, correctional facilities, embassies, royal palaces, power plants, courthouses and other government buildings. Safety applications include: aircraft inspections at airport maintenance facilities, high level security environment and vehicle inspections at weigh stations.

Our off-the-shelf explosive detectors specifically designed for military application have been tested in various theaters of operations and found to be highly effective. The handheld explosive detectors have the capability compared to a dog’s nose.

The application of these explosives ranges from small, fast and ultra-sensitive levels. Other applications employ the state-of-the-art technological advancement utilized in scanning packages, shipping containers, vehicles and people in detecting trace amount of explosives.

Explosive Scanning Capabilities:

  • Goods and Packages
  • Shipping Containers
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • And people.
  • Detect trace amount of explosives.


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