VIP/Personnel Protection


VIP/Personnel Protection

Personnel and staff of blue-chip organizations are constantly vulnerable to attacks; kidnap and assassinations either at place of work, home or via transmit journeys from one point to the other. Ineffective journey management system or suspected cases of connivance on the part of some of the staff of same organization abound.

Dial24/7 has built capacity over the years in effective journey management and transit system. We handle the service of VIP pickups and deliveries from points of arrival and departure to their place of residence with our professional VIP facilities and Agents. Client’s journey management can also be assisted with protective systems to monitor and manage the routes of the VIP’s journeys.

We can equip staff with ID cards or covert articles and/or mobile devices that has long range RFD radios, with panic buttons. This will ensure that VIPs and designated staff are protected and assisted both at work and at home against kidnapping, disruption at work and physical attacks.

We can also implant devices that constantly track and monitor the movement and journeys of key staff and VIPs. Exact location of staff can be identified and tracked for immediate rescue in the case of kidnapping or danger. Even in the case of attacks, our systems have the capacity to collect data and information of the attackers which can be used to carry out forensic investigation and eventual arrest.

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Extremely surprised that such remarkable solution we’ve been sourcing for could come from an indigenous security and ICT company.

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