Why Choose Us?

Dial 24/7 Security International Limited is a security engineering company that provides a total turnkey service for the design, supply, installation and continued effectiveness of security systems for medium and high risk sites.

Security is fast becoming one of the most important considerations for today and the future. The saying, Penny wise, Pound-foolish could never be more emphatic than as it relates to security. Dial 24/7 is a one-stop security shop committed to excellence and laudable service delivery in Nigeria, offering high quality products and services at the right price.

We are a High Tech, state-of-the-art, leading Security Company that offers overall professional answers to the security problems of individuals, corporations, physical, electronic and data protection solutions. Dial’s engineers, together with its Overseas Partners, are involved in survey and risk analysis through master planning, costing, detailed project planning, implementation, supervision and maintenance.

Our professional expertise in the area of elctronic security, telemetry and digital surveillance had been put into play at several moments.

  • We monitor perimeter and entrances of construction sites with our remote surveillance CIPS platform from our Command and Control Centre.
  • We monitor and watch over warehouses to forestal theft cases and pilferings.
  • With our rapid response strategic synergy with the security agencies, we have backed up our surveillance activities with swift responses to several incidences at our sites.
  • We design, install and maintain tailor made security, safety and operations monitoring system for individuals, industries and government agencies. Also by virtue of our area of e expertise and operational geographical location, we primarily also support the services and operations of the oil and gas industry.

All these are just a few of our home grown technological expertise and partnership synergy with our foreign partners and allies in the various technological world. We have demonstrated these fits several scenarios for govermental agencies, oil and gas multi-nationals, banks, private residences and organisations.

Why choose us

Home-grown Technical Expertise

We have proven and verifiable expertise in wireless telemetry. Therefore we propose solutions from an appreciable position of experiential expertise. Beyond our grasp of latest technological advancements, procedures and products, we have in-depth knowledge of security threats, trends, measures and counter-measures within our theater of operations. Therefore we propose solutions for real-life situations and not text-book scenarios.

Strategic Innovation

Our experience in the industry gives us a leverage to utilize current tested and proven security solutions already in use in high risk private, government and oil and gas premises and organization both locally and internationally. Some of the new technological innovations have either been installed or under installation in one organization or the other currently by our company.

Hybrid Technical Solutions

As system integrators partnering with the best manufacturers and service providers in the security market, we are able to develop hybrid solutions from ad-mixtures of various technologies from our partners, giving no one particular service provider/manufacturer an edge of sabotaging a Dial 24-7 System.

Exceptional Technical Partnerships

Our technical tie-ups represent the best in the industry. The pool of expertise of our partners and combined experience place us at the top of world-class equipment and service providers. We have an impressive array of partners and associates world-wide, ranging from Dallmeier Electronics Germany, 4D Solutions Inc., DTI Global Security Inc, Aware Digital Inc – USA, ZCom China etc. The result is that we have access to cutting edge technology, research and development that is not available on the open market.

Our Vision

“To become a foremost diversified organization that is relevant in the global sphere of security products and services.”

Our Mission

“To offer high quality security products and services with global competitiveness in quality delivery and operational standards through motivated and productive workforce.”

Our experience

Remote Monitoring System 95%
Perimeter Protection 75%
Security Consultancy 92%
Security Training 85%

Our Team

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